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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Will 2012 Be A Year of Opening for Saudi Arabia? - Arabianomics

If the last few years in Saudi Arabia will be remembered as years of impressive economic growth, look for 2012 to be a year of “opening” for the Kingdom.
The investment, aviation, and tourism sectors are all set for major changes to the status quo in 2012 after years of anticipation by foreigners to break into these lucrative markets in Saudi Arabia.
Perhaps the most significant and highly anticipated of these openings is in the opening of Saudi Arabia’s stock market, also known as the Tadawul or TASI (Tadawul All-Share Index). Foreign investors have long awaited the opportunity to invest directly in the Kingdom by buying and selling shares on the Saudi Stock Exchange, but have been prohibited from doing so due to Saudi regulations.
That all looks set to change.