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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kuwait's Agility seeks u-turn on US fraud charges - Industries -

Agility, the Kuwaiti storage and logistics provider, has asked a US judge to throw out charges it defrauded the US government on a multi-billion dollar contract to feed troops overseas.
Agility, also known as Public Warehousing Co, has filed a motion to dismiss the 2009 indictment alleging the company paid premium prices on products rather than getting discounts, according to court documents seen by Bloomberg. It said prosecutors have no proof to prove the case against Agility.
“The government resorted to a series of sharp and unethical tactics, designed to distort - and in some instances create - the evidence to support the government’s after-the-fact interpretation of the contract and to transform what is, at best, a contractual dispute over the proper interpretation of the prime vendor contracts into a criminal prosecution,” according to the court filing in federal court in Atlanta.