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Friday, 18 January 2013

Value-added trade | The Economist

China was the world’s biggest exporter of electronic goods in 2009, but almost 40% of its $467 billion-worth of exports was first imported: the exports required a lot of imports. Traditional measures of trade record gross flows of goods and services between countries, not how much value a country adds in producing goods and services for export. According to the OECD and the World Trade Organisation, the foreign content of electronics exports ranges from 11% (America) to 61% (Mexico). The general trend, though stalled slightly by the recent financial crisis, has been a decline in the domestic value-added component of all exports—which suggests that markets are becoming more interdependent.
Value-added trade | The Economist

KUNA : Qatar, Egyptian company sign protocol for re-building Gaza - General - 18/01/2013

KUNA : Qatar, Egyptian company sign protocol for re-building Gaza - General - 18/01/2013

Kuwait-linked Aston Martin plans to invest $1bn - Banking & Finance -

Aston Martin hopes its new minority private equity shareholder will bring resources that will help the British luxury carmaker launch the next generation of sports cars and expand its market presence, its CEO Ulrich Bez said on Thursday.
The maker of sports cars, made famous by James Bond spy movies, plans to invest $1bn in new products and technology after Italian private equity fund Investindustrial bought a 37.5 percent stake last month via a capital increase agreed with majority Kuwaiti owner Investment Dar.
"First of all it brings the money to the company, which we can use for the next generation of products from 2015 to 2025," Bez told Reuters after a helicopter lifted a red Vanquish to the top of Dubai's iconic sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel in a stunt to celebrate the centenary of the brand.
Kuwait-linked Aston Martin plans to invest $1bn -

SMEs to gain better access to UAE lenders - The National

Smaller contractors and suppliers ought to find access to loans made easier as they compete for a slice of a Dh330 billion (US$89.84bn) spending programme rolled out by the Abu Dhabi Government this week.

Topic Abu Dhabi Central Bank of the UAE Mashreqbank ADCB RAKBank SMEs Entrepreneurs
Alongside a flurry of projects being launched in Dubai, including new hotels, malls and infrastructure, small businesses acting as auxiliary support to big government-linked and international firms should provide new opportunities to the banks that lend to them.

That follows a year in which obtaining credit proved challenging for private sector companies.
SMEs to gain better access to UAE lenders - The National

Qatar's QNB eyes $400m deal for Rabobank unit - Banking & Finance -

Qatar National Bank is said to be among the suitors to submit preliminary bids to buy Rabobank's Indonesian unit in a $400m deal, sources with direct knowledge of the matter have said.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China are also among the suitors.
First-round bids are due by the end of January, and some suitors are already working with financial advisers to place indicative proposals, the sources said.
Qatar's QNB eyes $400m deal for Radobank unit -

Qatar does not control Egypt

When the Heir Apparent, H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, addressed a conference on ‘Geostrategic Changes within the Context of Arab Revolutions’ in Doha last month, he had a clear message.
He stressed that turning external support for revolutions into intervention in the affairs of the countries where revolutions had taken place was against the will of the people. The real power lay with the people, he said.
He said that after the emergence of the man on the street as a determining factor, Arab politics had become more independent and autonomous, more oriented towards the achievement of justice and adherence to international conventions.
Qatar does not control Egypt