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Friday, 24 January 2014

Beyond Kiev: government struggles to keep control | beyondbrics | #EuroMaidan

Beyond Kiev: government struggles to keep control | beyondbrics:

"Ukraine’s embattled president, Viktor Yanukovich, found himself facing a second front on January 23 as anti-government protesters stormed regional administrations across the west and centre of Ukraine. Ironically, the development came on a day when a ceasefire held between protesters and police in Kiev. While clashes in Kiev are spectacular but largely theatrical, overthrowing state administration in the regions could signal the start of the crumbling of Yanukovich’s power.

Attention has been focused for a week on an acre of ground in central Kiev where police and protestors have fought out a fierce battle – becoming one of the most photographed sites in the world, according to geotagging swarm trackers. But Ukraine is a vast expanse of territory and is notoriously divided between the Ukrainian-speaking west and centre and Russian-speaking east and south – making the country a handful to rule at the best of times."

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United Arab Emirates: An Emerging Market Melting Pot #MarkMobius

United Arab Emirates: An Emerging Market Melting Pot:

"The investable Middle East/North Africa region known as “MENA” encompasses 11 diverse countries, extending from Oman to Morocco, and also includes Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I recently had the pleasure of returning to Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, a truly striking and cosmopolitan city with a diverse population from around the world. Even though geopolitical issues have plagued some MENA countries over the past couple years, the UAE has drawn investor interest due to its relative stability compared with some other frontier markets in the region, and because of its generally good economic prospects. The UAE is a compelling investment destination and proof that you can’t paint the region with the same brushstroke."

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China comes in to land - YouTube

China comes in to land - YouTube:

"Estimated purchasing managers index from HSBC for China suggests a shrinking manufacturing sector. James Kynge, emerging markets editor, and John Authers wonder if the risks of a shadow banking default will turn a managed slowdown into a hard landing


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