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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Be aware before you sign on the dotted line | The National

Be aware before you sign on the dotted line | The National:

"I got an email this week from someone who described her 20- something year-old self as a diligent but naive investor. She did what most people don’t do. She took out policies with four different providers – you know the like, so many of you have been emailing me with their names. She was the poster girl for responsible living, it seems. Except she was lied to and 10 years later is biding her time until the policies mature, in order to start afresh as she put it.

Her email included often asked questions, such as: do I know of a financial adviser who can be trusted, and what redress is there in the UAE for being missold, or in her case, deceived? It’s one of many with identical queries.

Others who got in touch were in the throes of taking out policies, and were scared that they could be ruining their financial well-being instead of enhancing it."

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