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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nasdaq Dubai Futures is a bold venture | The National

Nasdaq Dubai Futures is a bold venture | The National:

"September 1 is a red letter day for all who believe in the cult of equities. That is the launch date of Nasdaq Dubai Futures, a new development in UAE markets and a bold attempt to seize an opportunity in securities that has been misunderstood and underexploited in the past.

Under Hamed Ali, its chief executive, Nasdaq has an opportunity to offer regional and international investors products that they take for granted elsewhere in the world but which have not gained traction in Arabian Gulf markets, with the exception of Kuwait, which has been trading derivatives for the past couple of years.

At least part of the thinking must be that if Kuwait, with limited appeal to global investors and far less liquidity than the UAE, can make a go of derivatives, markets here should not be left behind."

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