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Friday, 7 October 2016

Dubai turns to blockchain for domestic challenges

Dubai turns to blockchain for domestic challenges:

"In the heart of Dubai’s financial district, there is an office whose form perfectly matches its function. The office, with its smooth curves, is the region’s first to have been built with a 3D printer, and it houses an organisation capitalising on other promising 21st-century technologies.

From self-driving cars to blockchain, the government’s Dubai Future Foundation is seeking to wed new technologies to the state bureaucracy and position the emirate as a Petri dish for the future, not just a sun-and-shopping tourism paradise. This is more than encouraging fintech businesses to use Dubai as their base: it is putting technology at the service of the state’s needs. At the nexus of government and business, the city is committed to experimentation to establish an era of public-private partnerships.

The DFF’s Dubai Future Accelerators programme, for example, has selected 30 companies and given them three months’ development time and access to millions of dollars of venture capital to test their technologies with local government authorities. The participants include supersonic transportation system Hyperloop and ConsenSys, a company building developer tools and applications for blockchain, the shared database system."

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