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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Barclays executive sacked after SFO interview

Barclays executive sacked after SFO interview:
"Barclays dismissed one of its top executives as a “direct result” of what he told investigators who have a criminal probe open against the bank, a tribunal has heard.

Richard Boath, who until this year was Barclays’ chairman of financial services, will argue in an unfair-dismissal hearing against the ban‎k that he was sacked after investigators at the UK’s Serious Fraud Office passed Barclays a transcript of his interview with them, his lawyer told a London tribunal in a hearing on Wednesday, reports Caroline Binham in London.

The SFO is investigating Barclays’ £7.3bn emergency cash call at the height of the financial crisis, when it turned to investors in Qatar and Abu Dhabi to stay out of UK government control."

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