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Friday, 25 November 2016

For OPEC’s Rivals, Success Lies in Oil Market Far, Far Away - Bloomberg

For OPEC’s Rivals, Success Lies in Oil Market Far, Far Away - Bloomberg:
"Rivals of OPEC seeking to reach its most-prized oil customers are finding that the long way around is better than any shortcut to success.
As the group seeks to implement a deal to limit output, the glut that was exacerbated by its prior strategy of keeping taps open has spawned a market structure that’s benefiting competitors in sales to Asia. Cargoes from Europe’s North Sea will reach South Korea in coming months, while U.S. Eagle Ford shale crude as well as Mexican oil arrived at Yeosu port in November. Japanese and Thai refiners have bought West Texas Intermediate from BP Plc.
Shipments to Asia from locations farther than the Middle East are turning more attractive because of a deepening market structure known as contango, where near-term supplies are cheaper than those for future months. Sellers benefit from this because the value of a cargo rises as it makes the longer journey to its destination. For buyers, abundant output across the Atlantic Basin has made North American and European oil cheaper relative to crude from OPEC nations such as the U.A.E and Qatar."

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