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Friday, 18 November 2016

Iran measures response to Donald Trump’s election victory

Iran measures response to Donald Trump’s election victory:
"In the hours after Donald Trump’s election victory, the Tehran Stock Exchange plummeted by 5 per cent. The sharp decline was triggered by concerns that the president-elect could seek to unravel Iran’s historic nuclear accord with world powers and push the Islamic republic back into international isolation.

But within minutes of Mr Trump’s acceptance speech, during which he said “we will deal fairly with everyone”, and “we will seek common ground, not hostility,” the market rebounded. The bourse’s fluctuations reflect the sense among some in the Iranian regime that a Trump presidency might not be as bad as they feared.

Even Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader who often lashes out at the US, considered by many in the regime as Iran’s arch enemy, gave a measured response in his first public reaction on Wednesday. He said his regime had “no concerns” about the election of a man who has described the nuclear agreement as the “stupidest deal of all time”. Iran’s ultimate decision maker added that his nation was “ready for any possible incident.”"

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