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Monday, 21 November 2016

‘Out of the Desert’, by Ali al-Naimi

‘Out of the Desert’, by Ali al-Naimi:
"When Ali al-Naimi was told he had been appointed Saudi oil minister, the most powerful post in the energy world, he was far from the desert kingdom. Keen for a break, the man who was then chief of state energy giant Saudi Aramco, was salmon fishing in remote Alaska.

After a series of urgent memos, Naimi returned a call from one of King Fahd’s advisers, who informed him of his new role — and ordered his speedy return.

“I asked if I had a choice in the matter. He said no,” said Naimi, recounting the 1995 conversation in his memoir, Out of the Desert. “I did what anyone in my position would do on hearing that momentous news: I went fishing.”


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