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Friday, 9 December 2016

Expatriate employees struggle to readjust to old lives

Expatriate employees struggle to readjust to old lives:
"Early in her career with a big-four professional services company, Annaliese Allen was seconded from her home town of Melbourne to the company’s Chicago office, which needed more people urgently. The move was easy. She was well-paid, eager to explore and made to feel special. Life was good — until she boarded the plane home after more than two years away.

In Chicago, Ms Allen had impressed decision makers with her aptitude for policy work. Once home, however, she discovered that her overseas achievements counted for little. She was given tax compliance work, a business area that was growing but a poor fit for her talents.

She felt unappreciated and adrift. “In the States, I had been doing lots of strategic consulting and meeting very senior executives . . . when I moved back to Melbourne, I was sitting doing tax returns.”"

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