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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tata in turmoil: the battle inside India’s biggest business

Tata in turmoil: the battle inside India’s biggest business:

"Immortalised in dark sun-beaten bronze, his shoulders garlanded with fresh orange flowers, Jamsetji Tata gazes out over the eastern Indian city that bears his name. Before his death in 1904, the founder of the Tata group drew up a vision of the model town that his company would one day build around its first steel plant.  He planned to offer his workers a healthy environment at odds with the disease-ridden slums he had seen on his travels in 19th-century Europe. “Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees,” he wrote in 1902 to his son Dorab. “Reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks.” Today, the tree-lined avenues of Jamshedpur, linking Tata-funded amenities from sports academies to a 900-bed hospital, bear witness to a heritage of ethical practice that is one of the group’s most treasured assets. Utilities are handled by a Tata Steel subsidiary, whose chief executive claims to provide the only safe drinking tap water to be found in any Indian city."

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