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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Russia struggles to unleash clean energy potential

Russia struggles to unleash clean energy potential:

"In the rocky hills of southern Siberia, five hydropower plants operated by Russia’s EN+ Group churn out green electricity at one-sixth of the cost of conventional fuel, tapping the Angara river that flows out of Lake Baikal to power half a dozen aluminium smelters along its banks. Already the world’s largest private hydropower company by capacity, EN+ is itching to ramp up output further. “We expect an increase in energy appetite of the region and we are prepared to satisfy it,” says Maxim Sokov, EN+ chief executive, citing new industrial projects in the area, including gold and copper mines and power-hungry processing plants, that should increase power demand. But stories like En+, which Mr Sokov says is finalising a modernisation programme to increase output and efficiency, are few and far between in Russia’s renewable energy industry, where the potential is great but the headwinds greater."

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