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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Energy Pioneers | Iran's Oil & Gas Consulting August 2016 Issue

Reports and Analysis — Energy Pioneers | Iran's Oil & Gas Consulting:

"The principle purpose of our monthly Iran Energy Insight is to update our readers on recent developments in various parts of Iran’s energy sector.

With sanctions being lifting and the country aiming at reestablishing itself as an important recipient of international investment and technology, Iran’s energy sector is poised to evolve rapidly, marking major shifts in the global energy markets.  Today Iran’s upstream and downstream energy sectors face exciting new horizons: domestic energy market reform, intense competitive pressures for increasing efficiency and productivity and regaining its position in international oil and gas markets.Our aim is to reflect on opportunities and challenges resulting from this changing energy landscape in order to assist domestic and international energy players to have a better and realistic understanding of Iran’s energy market.  

Energy Pioneers’ Iran Energy Insight covers the trends in Iran’s energy sector and provides analytical briefs addressing economic and commercial issues faced by various segments of the energy market."

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