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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Qatar's Powerless Weapon - Bloomberg Gadfly

Qatar's Powerless Weapon - Bloomberg Gadfly:

"Oil and gas exports are key to Qatar's prosperity, and the restrictions imposed earlier this month by its neighbors on vessels could create some real problems for crude.For gas, there will be limited impact. However the key weapon in Qatar's arsenal -- its gas supplies to Abu Dhabi -- can't be compromised without escalating a battle the nation would seem destined to lose.Last week's shipping bans prevent vessels from entering terminals in either Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. Their scope has fluctuated between a restriction on Qatari-owned or flagged vessels, and a more general ban on all ships that have called, or plan to call, at Qatar, regardless of ownership or flag. The uncertainty means that shippers and buyers of Qatari oil are forced to operate as though their vessels will be barred from regional ports."

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