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Saturday, 13 January 2018

What ‘Aramcologists’ say about biggest IPO in history | Arab News

What ‘Aramcologists’ say about biggest IPO in history | Arab News:

"Much like the now-obsolete art of “Kremlinology” — the study of the inner workings of the Soviet political system via analysis of announcements and reports — there is now a growing field I like to call “Aramcology.” The forthcoming initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi Aramco is of such importance to the economic future of the Kingdom and its citizens that every small news item about, or company announcement from, the Saudi oil giant is sieved, weighed and analyzed by a growing global circle of Aramcologists, in which I include myself. I imagine the world’s biggest investment banks, lawyers, accounting firms and consultants — which stand to make aggregated billions of dollars from the IPO — have their own Aramcology departments full of bright young things all eagerly devouring and interpreting snippets of information that come out of Dhahran.  "

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