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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Firms registered with QFC cross 500 ahead of deadline

Firms registered with QFC cross 500 ahead of deadline:

"Unperturbed by the Gulf crisis, the Qatar Financial Center’s (QFC) registered firms numbered 507, including 120 entities post blockade, thus reaching the more than the halfway mark set for 2022, six months ahead of the deadline.
“More than 500 firms have chosen the QFC platform to conduct business from Qatar,” QFC chief executive Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida told the media in Doha. In its 2017-22 strategy, QFC had said it was eyeing a target of 1,000 firms.
Highlighting that local, regional and international firms continue to see the multi-billion dollar investment opportunities that are available in the country’s unsaturated market, he said it is the reason why the centre continues to see businesses interested in the openness of Qatar as a market and in the attractiveness of its platform."

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